It's been awhile since I last posted here, but I have excuses. I broke my pelvis in November of last year and broke a few of my ribs last month. In between these events I have been chasing other health and pain issues. So much for's time to move forward. Slowly and with the help of my cane.

I need to re-design this site and that may take some time. Also I need to post some more of my digital work. I'm still unable to stand at an easel for more than a few minutes; that makes digital appealing to me.

New Peppers no more

I decided to leave my old art blog. I hadn't written anything on there for the past year+. And since I'm paying a dollar a month for this site, it makes more sense to do what little I do, on these pages.

Electronic media...I don't know the correct name for what I'm doing these days. I have a Wacom digital tablet, complete with a stylus which becomes my brush or my pencil or even a spray can of paint to add graffiti to my work. It's not a toy. A lot of people think it is. Serious people do serious work with it. But, then again, those same people consider all painting and drawing to be 'play' and think all artists should 'get a real job'. It's been this way for hundreds of years so it makes no sense for me to try and teach them something. They are illiterate when it comes to art and they like it that way.

Okay, I have that off of my chest. Now I will show off a few new paintings that I had been working on and now consider finish…

It's been awhile

And during that time I have given up on Facebook. Except that I haven't. I decided to remove my real self from FB and return under a pseudonym. I'm now Billy Bob Wurlitzer. Heir to the second cousin of famed organ building family's fortune in old organs. Or I can be whatever I feel like being. FB was simply becoming too intense for me and I couldn't handle it well. I had to leave. I have ASD and I'm very introverted as well. Or maybe they always go to together? Anyway, now I'm on FB on my own, or Billy Bob's terms.

Leaving FB meant that I had to leave Tuesday Artists on FB. Tuesday Painters on Blogger will be the only home for Tuesday Painters.

With that out of the way, I can talk about digital art. Because of my hip and spine pain, I have been unable to use my wonderful easel. Standing for very long causes pain; ergo, I don't stand. I did decide to pursue digital painting instead. Quite a few well known artists have tried digital and done well with it.…


It's been too long since I last posted here. No excuses. I do know that I've had a terrible time getting anything from my head onto a canvas. Absolutely dry. I would go to my studio with the best of intentions and then within 15 minutes I would create something that desperately needed gesso. So I would oblige. Then I would wait for another infrequent moment of creativity.

I received my shipment from Cheap Joe's and that may have helped me paint a complete and finished painting. I found some colors that I hadn't used before  and I bought two more of the Fibonacci brushes; I now have 30, 40, 70 and 100 mm sizes. They are really the only brushes I use.

Here's the painting I have been talking about. It's 16x20 acrylic on canvas. Yes, I know that's small for me but Aaron Bros isn't having one of their 3 for the price of 1 canvas sales right now. When they do, I'll get back to large.

The opening and then some

My show (shared with 2 other artists) was a success. I sold two painting and that's always a good thing. Now it's just a waiting game as the show goes on for another 2 1/2 weeks.

Here are the two paintings that I sold, one was a diptych. The price was $100 for each one. That's $140 for the artist and $60 for the gallery.
The two paintings with black frames, centered and divided by 3 vertical paintings were the diptych and the upper far right was the second one.

I was able to find a better shot of the diptych but not one of the other. I have too many images!

Here's the photo of Donna (Donna is one of the Tuesday Painters) as she was able to visit with us for a couple of great but too short hours. We're expecting her back with us full time !

And here's a painting by Marvey, a watercolor on 300# wc paper. I love the look of this one. It reminds me of something by David Hockney.

Here is one I just finished. I'm painting as quick as I can! My walls are bare as th…

Things that might interest

I haven't posted here for awhile but I have an excuse; I had some surgery and that kept me from thinking; even more than I usually 'don't'. Between the pain meds and the surgery, I was lucky to remember my name...

I've been working on the upcoming show. The show has my name on it but the Tuesday Painters deserve a whole lot of the credit for my being there. I wouldn't have had the courage to submit my work for the show if it weren't for the praise and criticism I've received from my friends over the years.

I should mention this new tool I picked up while shopping at Ellis Art.  It's the Liquitex Painting Knife #3. It cost something close to $15, but it's been worth every penny of it. I have a much longer knife but I tend to drag my knuckles into the paint when I use it. This one is just the right size for me.

I'm not a paid sponsor for anything...but I would love to be! Anyway, some thoughts about Liquitex. Their Basic series of student grade…

Saw my name...

The show date is coming up. And I had a conversation with the art director yesterday, where he told me a little about the boards decision to include my paintings in this years show. He pointed to two paintings that they 'really' liked...

This one surprised me. I only knew of one other person that liked it, beside myself.

Then, there is this, I thought I was the only one that liked it.

So goes the life of an Abstract Expressionist. Ordinarily, it's a lonely life. What I love about the painting is something I see in my head. The painting is an attempt by me to let you in to 'my head'. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.