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Another painting before the end of the year?

Here's one that I finished today. it's acrylic paint on a 24"x36" 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas.

I'm asking for $280, tax included. Shipping additional.

I have one larger painting, 30"x48", that I'm working on. It's slow going as it's the largest painting I have ever tried. I'm getting close...but I doubt I will be able to finish it by tomorrow night. The painting itself will decide when it's complete.

Update; the larger painting is NOT complete. I never should have thought that I might be able to finish it. Here's a view of it as of 8 AM today. The answer to the question  is...I am working from left to right.

An Artist

For some years now I have been receiving almost daily email updates from the artist, David Randall Tipton. He works in all mediums and he's proficient in all of them. He lives and works in Portland Oregon and his works often depict the shores. I believe he used to live and work work on the California coast; Mendocino. I shouldn't try and tell you about him; you should visit his blog and see for yourself. I visited again this morning and saw that he recently had some tragedy in his life; his mother died and his studio flooded.

And while you are there, you should get on his mailing list and see his work frequently.

Here's another...

Also forgotten in the shuffle is this 24" x 36" x 1 1/2" gallery wrapped canvas with some acrylic paint on it. Quite a bit of acrylic paint to be candid. I spent some time on it and it may have 3 or 4 paintings under what you see now. Despite the struggle, I like it. Very much. But I'm willing to sell it for $350 tax included. Shipping is extra.


For some reason, I seem to have forgotten to post a photo of one of the paintings I have for sale. I would swear that I had posted, somewhere...if not here. Oh well, I can certainly do so now.

It's an acrylic painting on  24" x 36" x 1 1/2" gallery wrapped canvas. It has a title, but only because the Art Center wants one for the upcoming show. What's the title? Give me a minute...I'll come up with one. Okay, it's "Onslow Beach 1960" and it is selling for $560 tax included, shipping will  be additional.    

Another Tuesday at the Art Center

Time to post some views from the latest Tuesday meeting.

Starting here with some acrylics from Betty

Pat is working on this watercolor

Sue with acrylic abstract

Marie with watercolors

Sue again
 Katie with watercolors

Me. I believe I'm baffled.

Are you a member?

The Chico Art Center is taking entries for the annual Members Showcase. This show will run from January 15th to February 5th. All members (in good standing) are invited to submit an application to show one (1) piece of their work; 2-D or 3-D. You should stop by the front desk and pick up a Prospectus/entry form and get ready to drop of you work on January 9th and 10th. Sadly, 2-D work is limited to 40" in any direction.

Regards the previous post...

As part of the aforementioned conversation, Gerhart Richter was mentioned and since he is one of my favorite artists, I decided to see if there were any decent videos that showed the range of his work. I found this one that you see below. It also gave me a chance to use my HTML skills which are getting rusty. Embedding code is quite easy these days. Below is a video from the Guardian website...

Art in the 21st Century

I was having an interesting discussion this morning with Marvey, about various artists. Art 21 came to my mind and I mentioned that program to her. Marvey hadn't heard of it and I thought that perhaps others hadn't heard of it as well. It's a great program that showcases artists in 10, 15 and 30 minute segments.  Here's the link to it.  \

New Post from Marvey

9x10 watercolor

Something new

During the past few years I've bought large canvas at Aaron Bros. whenever they had their three for the price of one sales. Now my task is to fill those canvas's with 'art'. Believe me, it's hard work! I've finished three so far and have four or five left.

Here's one that I'm beginning to like... 24"x36"x1 1/2" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Marie's art work for sale

20" by 16" watercolor on toned board... $10050 percent of the price goes to support Catalyst Domestic Violence Services...

530-894-5682...for studio appointment. Small groups ok

Workspace photos

My polite nagging has paid off and I can now post some 'studio' photos from some of the other members of the Tuesday Painters. Most of us decline to call our work space a  'studio' and I agree with them. I can only jokingly call my space a studio. It's shrinking all of the time. At the present time it's a 6'x8' space in the garage with no walls to mark its boundaries. It started out as as 10'x12' space. I sometimes envy these painters with a work space in the house; even if it's a small space. At least they can be warm in the winter and cool during a heat wave.

Here's the workspace that Marie uses...

Some beautiful art comes from this small space...

Marie insists that this is her model for all of her figure studies

 Sue doesn't use models for her work. She paints spectacular seascapes and mountain lakes and fantastic abstracts as well.

This is where she paints. She says it's beginning to be a little cramped.

Here are some views …

End of the month

It's been a few days since our last post here and what I have today is skimpy. We meet tomorrow as we usually and I assume that I will find something new to put up here.

In the meantime... an Artichoke by the talented very Katy. Watercolor on 140# cold pressed 11"x!4"

And then there is my final effort on this 24"x36"x1 1/2" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

$450 plus tax and shipping
               I'm still hoping to see some photos of the various studios of the 7 other painters that make up the Tuesday Painters. I've done my part and showed you the condition of my studio/disaster area.
               I am currently working on two 24"x36"x1 1/2" canvases, one 24"x30"x1 1/2" + a 24"x24"x1 1/2"...that's more than enough! 

Something new

I've been working on four different paintings over the past month or so. It's been a real struggle at times and I've finally made a break through with one of them. It's abstract expressionism so don't expect to see any image except for the one that your mind tells you is there. Love it or hate it. It matters not at all. I'm happy with it. Now I have three paintings that I have to struggle with.

24"x24"x1.5" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Title: Early morning at Pointe de la Courte in 1943


Does anyone else in the Tuesday Painters group have a painting to sell?

Sorry about that

Apparently, Blogger doesn't let me post anything other than image files such as JPG, GIF, TIFF and etc. I will have to re-scan the documents and scan them as JPG's. Then I will post them.

Tuesday 11/17/15

If you read our Facebook page before landing here, you will know that our day was quiet, Donna was back, and there is going to be a Garage sale at the Art Center...details right below.

Community Art Swap and Flea Market November 20 – December 4Reception: November 20, 5:00-7:00pmGARAGE SALE Saturday and Sunday
November 21 & 22, 9am-4pm

Above...A beginning from Marvey


Katie's famous palette


 Donna...seated where should be


A sampling of the early art admissions

The Gift shop...a good place to shop because the Art Center needs the money!
Don't forget to have a cup of coffee next next door at the Great Northern Coffee Shop. Why? Because the Art Center needs the money!...and it's good coffee.
I also need some photos from my fellow Tuesday Painters. I want to see your workspace; your 'studio'. Mine is already posted.

Let's look at some workspaces

I think most of us in the Tuesday painters group has a space that they call their 'studio', no matter how small it is. And from what I've heard, some of these studios are indeed, tiny. I believe that we all dream of that perfect studio. It would be spacious, with lots of cabinets for our supplies. We would have work tables, at just the right height, for those times when you want to work on a horizontal plane. We might have two or three easels with retractable wheels so that we can move our work around the studio to follow the light. We would have high clerestory windows on all four sides, plus large windows below. Their would be powered sun proof shades above each window. In the center of the studio would be the control center; the place set aside for the computers and large screen monitors. From here we could control all of the lighting and the climate. Plus, their would be a small kitchen with a stove and adjoining it would be the bathroom. Said bathroom would also have …

It's Tuesday again

It is Tuesday and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. We're still missing one of our members and we're looking forward to her return.

Once Deborah opened  the Gallery for us, we had a private showing of the current exhibit. It's artwork that is related to the Dia de Los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead which is celebrated each year in Mexico. There are other cultures around the world that have similar festivities. The artwork is not meant to be somber and none of it was. The dead are remembered with joy and happiness. I know that's the way I want to be remembered. Maybe I'll I will create some art work of my own for this day when it rolls around some time after my departure.

The Chico Art Center will be open at noon each day and the current exhibit lasts through the week, I think that's right? Give them a call and they can tell you the specifics.

I didn't ask permission to post this image and I hope the artist will forgive me...though I believe it's okay …