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Marie Hubbard's Textile Art

Marie makes fantastic images with the one below. See description and price below.


My sister sent me this's an oddball way to sell art, but you do have a chance to see your artwork go world wide... read the FAQ's for an idea as to how this works.

Marie Hubbard

Marie is a very accomplished artist and is well known for her portraits. She works in many mediums; pen and ink, pencil, graphite, watercolors and fabrics to name just some.

This is just a small sample of her fine work. You can also see her work on our Facebook page; Tuesday Painters

Some of my favorites

We can't have new posts every day. We don't have enough material to work with. But, I can improvise and add some art related posts here. For instance; did you know that you can watch the whole first season of Bob Ross on YouTube? Just follow this link... who wouldn't want to watch Bob as he paints happy little trees?

I thought of another way to fill up a post for this website and that would be to share a list of my favorite painters. I think it would be interesting to see which painters are favored by the seven other painters that make up the Tuesday Painters.

I will go first. I think we should come up with 10 names. (They don't have to be in the order of importance)

Mary HeilmanRichard SerraAntoni GaudiAnna BarneDavid HockneyJoan MitchellVirginia CobbJulie MehretuHelen FrankenthalerJackson Pollock

This is the list of ten favorites as it exists in my mind today. Tomorrow could be another story.

I'll share some samples of the work of some of these artists...

Pat Everett

Pat is one of our group of 8 painters and these images represent some of the fine work that Pat creates.

This first one is titled 'Brushes'. It is a watercolor as that is Pat's medium.

I can see now that I should have asked about the weight of the paper and the size. I'll do that next time.

Some odds and ends

These are images I have in the file folder for the Tuesday Painters. Not all are relevant or informative. Most aren't, but they need to see the light of day. In the future, I wish to spotlight each of the artists that make up the Tuesday Painters.

Some things that are new

Here are some photos that should have been seen in the last post but I forgot...

Sue is working with acrylics in these photos.

I think we have a consensus among us and we will soon be posting photographs of our work here. I will try and set it up so that can you click on the appropriate hash tag and you will see just that artists work.

As we go forward, I will be changing the layout and size of different parts of this website, hoping to find the perfect 'look'.

We will also post things here that might appeal to artists; such as new materials, new artists, classes at the Art Center, current art shows in the region and art memorabilia....images that are in the public domain.

I don't have anything new to post today but I expect to see some things soon. Heck, I may even finish a painting of my own.

A little more testing

I've tested and reviewed the looks of this new blog; now it's time to use it. I will make changes in the appearance during the next few weeks. It never fails that I forgot something when designing this page. For instance, I would probably do away with trying to post so many photos at one time. I did this so I could see what it looked like when I did...and right away I saw that I will have to post no more than 3 at a time if I want them to look right...I also forgot to include Sue. Duh! Did I forget anyone else? There is still Donna's work and we're all waiting anxiously to see her back at her spot at the table.


Just a test of what this blog will look like when completed.
I'm trying all of the various configurations available.