Some of my favorites

We can't have new posts every day. We don't have enough material to work with. But, I can improvise and add some art related posts here. For instance; did you know that you can watch the whole first season of Bob Ross on YouTube? Just follow this link... who wouldn't want to watch Bob as he paints happy little trees?

I thought of another way to fill up a post for this website and that would be to share a list of my favorite painters. I think it would be interesting to see which painters are favored by the seven other painters that make up the Tuesday Painters.

I will go first. I think we should come up with 10 names. (They don't have to be in the order of importance)

  1. Mary Heilman
  2. Richard Serra
  3. Antoni Gaudi
  4. Anna Barne
  5. David Hockney
  6. Joan Mitchell
  7. Virginia Cobb
  8. Julie Mehretu
  9. Helen Frankenthaler
  10. Jackson Pollock

This is the list of ten favorites as it exists in my mind today. Tomorrow could be another story.

I'll share some samples of the work of some of these artists...
Mary Heilman

Richard Serra

Antoni Gaudi

Joan Mitchell


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