An Artist

I was browsing through one of my Journals (2011) and came across the name, An'Angelia Prather Thompson. And suddenly I remembered her and her work. Back in 2011, I happened upon her blog and was immediately fascinated by the intensity of her work. Then I read her bio and said to myself, 'Ohio?' I had no idea that artists even lived in Ohio. I was younger and dumber at the time. I know better now. Artists are everywhere!

I did search her name a few minutes ago and was disappointed to see that her blog postings seem to have stopped a few years ago. I hope she is okay and hasn't stopped posting because of some personal tragedy.

If you Google her name, you will be drawn into her world if you read her bio and view her paintings. I would love to see her painting up close and personal. I realize that her artwork is not for everyone, but it is worth viewing, if only for curiosity's sake.

Here is a link to a Facebook pagwe of hers that has become inactive....

Here is another link.


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