It's Tuesday again

It is Tuesday and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. We're still missing one of our members and we're looking forward to her return.

Once Deborah opened  the Gallery for us, we had a private showing of the current exhibit. It's artwork that is related to the Dia de Los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead which is celebrated each year in Mexico. There are other cultures around the world that have similar festivities. The artwork is not meant to be somber and none of it was. The dead are remembered with joy and happiness. I know that's the way I want to be remembered. Maybe I'll I will create some art work of my own for this day when it rolls around some time after my departure.

The Chico Art Center will be open at noon each day and the current exhibit lasts through the week, I think that's right? Give them a call and they can tell you the specifics.

I didn't ask permission to post this image and I hope the artist will forgive me...though I believe it's okay if the image is freely available, as it is in the gallery. Copyright law is like a mine field!

We hope you enjoy these photos...we haven't given up completely on Facebook but I'm afraid I find it much easier to post photos here. Photos and text; it's easier all around with Blogger.

Betty, relaxing after her moving experience

Marvey, sketching and sketching and sketching...she is a master at it.

Pat and her fine art water colors

Marie and some colorful birds

Katy's incredible palette

Sue is a master with acrylics

My stuff and I am playing around with abstract watercolor on 4"x4' paper.

I should mention that I like to use Yarka watercolors. They are made in St. Petersburg and I find the colors to be unique. They are sold here at Ellis.


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