Let's look at some workspaces

I think most of us in the Tuesday painters group has a space that they call their 'studio', no matter how small it is. And from what I've heard, some of these studios are indeed, tiny. I believe that we all dream of that perfect studio. It would be spacious, with lots of cabinets for our supplies. We would have work tables, at just the right height, for those times when you want to work on a horizontal plane. We might have two or three easels with retractable wheels so that we can move our work around the studio to follow the light. We would have high clerestory windows on all four sides, plus large windows below. Their would be powered sun proof shades above each window. In the center of the studio would be the control center; the place set aside for the computers and large screen monitors. From here we could control all of the lighting and the climate. Plus, their would be a small kitchen with a stove and adjoining it would be the bathroom. Said bathroom would also have a shower/sauna. The control center would also have a Murphy bed, in case we were working late; too late. We would definitely be tempted to work late in this dream studio.

But, wait...I haven't won the lottery, so this is just a dream. Pictured below is the reality. I'm asking the other members of the Tuesday Painters to post a description of their perfect studio and then a photo or two of the existing space they call 'studio'.


  1. My studio would be bright, with lots of light. The "creation" room would be large with plenty of wall space to hang stuff. Books also line the wall. I would have a separate supply area stocked with glass, paint, canvas, pencils, brushes, power tools and I would have an automatic vacuum (think Roomba) constantly running to clean up my gourd dust. I would have a large monitor for my computer with ever changing images of art to inspire me. I would need my space to be climate controlled with plenty of cool air in the summer (I live in Arizona) I am not in the Tuesday painters group, but I can still dream.

    1. There must be a setting I forgot because I didn't get a notice that there was a comment....I just happened to be here.

      And no, I didn't win the lottery on Saturday. I still have a chance for a win tonight.


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