Workspace photos

My polite nagging has paid off and I can now post some 'studio' photos from some of the other members of the Tuesday Painters. Most of us decline to call our work space a  'studio' and I agree with them. I can only jokingly call my space a studio. It's shrinking all of the time. At the present time it's a 6'x8' space in the garage with no walls to mark its boundaries. It started out as as 10'x12' space. I sometimes envy these painters with a work space in the house; even if it's a small space. At least they can be warm in the winter and cool during a heat wave.

Here's the workspace that Marie uses...

Some beautiful art comes from this small space...

Marie insists that this is her model for all of her figure studies

 Sue doesn't use models for her work. She paints spectacular seascapes and mountain lakes and fantastic abstracts as well.

This is where she paints. She says it's beginning to be a little cramped.

Here are some views from her workspace window.

This is the space for some future art and a reflection of her window view....


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