Another Studio

Another one of the Tuesday Painters has favored me with some photos  of her studio; Katie. We went through some struggles as we tried to connect her phone to my my Mac via AirDrop. The connection was made and the photos are right here...I did not edit these photos and so we're seeing her 'studio' just as it is. I believe this is a chair with that fabulous watercolor of the hawk.

This is more like it. That chair is built for contemplation. And there's an Apple computer on the desk. It seems that every artist needs a computer, and Apple seems to be the preferred one. There's a watercolor on the floor, on the left hand side. Looks to be interesting.

It looks as if the exit is blocked

I'm not sure ?

Here's a better look at the watercolor of the hawk.

Today was a great day for me at the Tuesday Painters. I found out that I had been selected to be the 3rd artist in a 3 man show at the Art Center. More about that later...

Today, Katie was working on a new and quite large painting, a 36"x36" canvas. She is doing the piece all in watercolor. I've seen her do it before and she's quite good at it. I would have taken some pictures today so that you could see how well it's going, but I forgot my phone. Without a phone I was unable to shoot anything. Also, I saw her using an 1.5" brush and gave her my 3" Fibonnaci flat to use. I think I may have? mentioned this brush once before here. Pat was interested in the brush and so I gave her the link. Here it is for you. I have a 3" and a 2" flat wash and those are the brushes I use for everything.  


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