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First, let it be known that I don't know how to do a good review. My reviews are on the order of "I like it. You should buy it. You will like it too." and that is what happens when I talk about the Fibonacci line of water color brushes. I have found these brushes to be astounding. True, I have only used the flats, but I have seen nothing but good reviews for the rounds. I only know that when I have my hand around the handle, it all feels right. And the brush seems to do more than I thought was possible. On the 'con' side, I use this wonderful watercolor brush with acrylics. Always. It doesn't hold a lot of paint when that paint is a thick bodied acrylic. Even so, I intend to buy more...maybe a round or two this this time.

I just found this post...I had written it but never posted here it is, a week or so late. Not that it makes any difference.


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