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I haven't posted here for awhile but I have an excuse; I had some surgery and that kept me from thinking; even more than I usually 'don't'. Between the pain meds and the surgery, I was lucky to remember my name...

I've been working on the upcoming show. The show has my name on it but the Tuesday Painters deserve a whole lot of the credit for my being there. I wouldn't have had the courage to submit my work for the show if it weren't for the praise and criticism I've received from my friends over the years.

I should mention this new tool I picked up while shopping at Ellis Art.  It's the Liquitex Painting Knife #3. It cost something close to $15, but it's been worth every penny of it. I have a much longer knife but I tend to drag my knuckles into the paint when I use it. This one is just the right size for me.

I'm not a paid sponsor for anything...but I would love to be! Anyway, some thoughts about Liquitex. Their Basic series of student grade acrylics seem to have as much pigment or more than Cheap Joe's line of student grade paints, Prime acrylics. I use a lot of paint because of the way I paint. Expressionism doesn't let me skimp on paint. So, I need cheap acrylics with the most pigment. If I had an unlimited budget, I would be using Golden Paints and only Golden. I think they are the 'Cadillac' of acrylics. Can we even use 'Cadillac' as a standard of excellence these days? How about Golden is the 'Tesla' of acrylics?  

I missed posting some photos because of the afore mentioned surgery. Here are some of them from 2? weeks ago.

Here's a shot of Betty working on painting of one of her new cats.

Here's Marvey at her easel. Marvey and I are recent converts to using an easel. I think she bought the same model as I did. This is not it... this is one from an adjacent classroom.

You may recognize the painting...

You can't create good art without sustenance.
And Katie creates good art...

You have to recognize this beautiful work as one from Marie...

Last is this wonderful ocean scene by Sue

There might have been a few others but I couldn't find them. What is missing for sure are the paintings from Donna...we really need her around here!

Late entry... here is one I finished last night and will go in the show. It is 32x48 acrylic on canvas


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