It's been awhile

And during that time I have given up on Facebook. Except that I haven't. I decided to remove my real self from FB and return under a pseudonym. I'm now Billy Bob Wurlitzer. Heir to the second cousin of famed organ building family's fortune in old organs. Or I can be whatever I feel like being. FB was simply becoming too intense for me and I couldn't handle it well. I had to leave. I have ASD and I'm very introverted as well. Or maybe they always go to together? Anyway, now I'm on FB on my own, or Billy Bob's terms.

Leaving FB meant that I had to leave Tuesday Artists on FB. Tuesday Painters on Blogger will be the only home for Tuesday Painters.

With that out of the way, I can talk about digital art. Because of my hip and spine pain, I have been unable to use my wonderful easel. Standing for very long causes pain; ergo, I don't stand. I did decide to pursue digital painting instead. Quite a few well known artists have tried digital and done well with it. I bought a Wacom Draw digital drawing pad. I am 'renting' SketchBook for $2.50 a month. I also bought Rebelle software. All told it was less that $150. And it has become my salvation. I am creative once again. I have a million brushes and pens and pencils and pastels to use along with an infinite number of canvas and canvas size. I can make a 4'x6' painting or a 4"x6" painting and all on the same electronic easel. I spray the paint on or use a palette knife. Or do both on the same painting.

It's not perfect. I really miss miss my easel time and hope to be painting on it again. In the meantime, this is working just fine. I print my work as 5x7 photos so that I can see them...differently. I hope to produce a painting that I can print on canvas. Then it will be on my wall with the others.

They have titles of course. This is "There Was Nothing Betwixt Me And The Truth"

Followed by "The Year of the Tribes ll"

Then it's "Alongside All of the Others"

Followed by "So We Meet Once Again"

Followed by "Here's Looking at You Kid"

I have dozens more and some are better than these; some are not. In the meantime I have saved a small fortune in paint and canvas. The 5x7 prints are just .59 cents each at Costco.

I gave the last 3 images a little more space. They were painted in half sheet size so they can be expanded without loss of sharpness. They are also saved as TIFF files for better resolution.


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