New Peppers no more

I decided to leave my old art blog. I hadn't written anything on there for the past year+. And since I'm paying a dollar a month for this site, it makes more sense to do what little I do, on these pages.

Electronic media...I don't know the correct name for what I'm doing these days. I have a Wacom digital tablet, complete with a stylus which becomes my brush or my pencil or even a spray can of paint to add graffiti to my work. It's not a toy. A lot of people think it is. Serious people do serious work with it. But, then again, those same people consider all painting and drawing to be 'play' and think all artists should 'get a real job'. It's been this way for hundreds of years so it makes no sense for me to try and teach them something. They are illiterate when it comes to art and they like it that way.

Okay, I have that off of my chest. Now I will show off a few new paintings that I had been working on and now consider finished.

"A Tremendous Effort Was Made By All"

I seem to have found a 'style' of painting that I enjoy. I think I've finished four that are similar. I need to do something different for awhile and then return to this with a fresh eye.

"Tell Me That Story About the Chicken Again"

I hope I haven't posted that one before...


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