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What is up these days? Pretty much nothing. We are in the tail end of the pandemic. Well, we were supposed to be and along comes Omicron, another variant for us to worry about. I've been locked in for who knows how long because of the fear of Covid & it's many variants. When you have COPD and you are 81 years old, you do become cautious. I know that's what I do. I have been doing things despite the pandemic and those things are mostly 'art'. I used to do it with a group, but they disappeared without giving me notice. Was it something I said? Oh well, onward and upward. Since I last posted on this blog, I have been as busy as my chronic depression allows. Some of the art I have produced has been immensely satisfying to me and I consider it some of my best. The family doesn't seem to notice what I'm doing so I have to be my own critic and cheering section. I have photos of them and I will post them here at various times. I better start now because i
The Tuesday Artists any day artist. That's me, an old man of 80.9 years of age with a birthday at the first of September. I'm trying to find my way in a new age for me. I have COPD and last October I came down with pnuemonia, was hospitalized. During that time, I lost my memory and became unable to walk. My family bought me a chair that would toss me out with the push of a button and they helped their mother purchase 2 wheelchairs; one to push me in and one that I could push myself. I was discharged to a convalescent hospital in California Park, where I was put into a quarantine room with a bed, TV, and wheelchair. But I had a walker and was getting better at walking. No doctor came to see me but I was assumed to have a heart condition and so I was put on a 'cardiac diet'. I tried in vain to change my diet and get some decent furniture. No luck. I demanded to be released. No luck. I wasn't even allowed to see my wife. (and I never heard from any one of the Tuesday a

No excuses! Really?

Ah! The steady downward spiral near the end of life. I'm 80 now and hoping for 81, and why not? haven't produced any paintings, digital or otherwise, in the last 2 years. But...I do keep my brain engaged and I have had some good times of sketching and editing. I am sitting in my usual spot and my red walker sits in front of me. My favorite cane is within reach. My physical therapist is helping me with balance, as I have a tendency to fall over when I least expect it. I have given up on driving because of my poor memory. That all sounds depressing but some good has come from it, as Granddaughter Abigayle secured a scholarship at Arizona State University. She has an old car with over 100k miles on it and that sounded unsafe (to me) when driving through the desert. My old car, 5 years old, has just 9K miles on it. So I sold it to her for $1 and now she has a dependable car for Arizona. She will have to convert it over to hand controls; I think she can use the controls that are on

Tuesday What?

It's really been a long time since I added anything here. It's really embarrassing. But there can't be more than one or two readers, if that many. I was notified that I was about to lose the 'Domain Name Tuesday Painters'  I decided to renew it for another year, just for the fun of it. I'm writing this from room 108 at Enloe Hospital. I spend too much time here. Breathing problems coming from COPD and then Pneumonia. We're hoping for a quick resolution to this and then back home. I'm still painting digitally with a couple of good software programs. With the pain I have in my hip I have found it difficult to stand at my easel. I'm looking forward to getting back to that easel and large canvases. In the meantime, the 5x7 prints of my work will have to do.