No excuses! Really?

Ah! The steady downward spiral near the end of life. I'm 80 now and hoping for 81, and why not? haven't produced any paintings, digital or otherwise, in the last 2 years. But...I do keep my brain engaged and I have had some good times of sketching and editing. I am sitting in my usual spot and my red walker sits in front of me. My favorite cane is within reach. My physical therapist is helping me with balance, as I have a tendency to fall over when I least expect it. I have given up on driving because of my poor memory.

That all sounds depressing but some good has come from it, as Granddaughter Abigayle secured a scholarship at Arizona State University. She has an old car with over 100k miles on it and that sounded unsafe (to me) when driving through the desert. My old car, 5 years old, has just 9K miles on it. So I sold it to her for $1 and now she has a dependable car for Arizona. She will have to convert it over to hand controls; I think she can use the controls that are on the old car. She will be playing on the University Women's wheelchair Basketball team and I think the new/old car can easily carry 2 or more wheelchairs. 

I recently upgraded my Rebelle digital software and I have plans to edit some of existing work and then have 1 or 2 printed in a large format. I have done that in the past and the results were wonderful. The large format print brought my digital thoughts to life...


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