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The Tuesday Artists any day artist. That's me, an old man of 80.9 years of age with a birthday at the first of September. I'm trying to find my way in a new age for me. I have COPD and last October I came down with pnuemonia, was hospitalized. During that time, I lost my memory and became unable to walk. My family bought me a chair that would toss me out with the push of a button and they helped their mother purchase 2 wheelchairs; one to push me in and one that I could push myself. I was discharged to a convalescent hospital in California Park, where I was put into a quarantine room with a bed, TV, and wheelchair. But I had a walker and was getting better at walking. No doctor came to see me but I was assumed to have a heart condition and so I was put on a 'cardiac diet'. I tried in vain to change my diet and get some decent furniture. No luck. I demanded to be released. No luck. I wasn't even allowed to see my wife. (and I never heard from any one of the Tuesday a