The Tuesday Artistsany day artist. That's me, an old man of 80.9 years of age with a birthday at the first of September. I'm trying to find my way in a new age for me. I have COPD and last October I came down with pnuemonia, was hospitalized. During that time, I lost my memory and became unable to walk. My family bought me a chair that would toss me out with the push of a button and they helped their mother purchase 2 wheelchairs; one to push me in and one that I could push myself. I was discharged to a convalescent hospital in California Park, where I was put into a quarantine room with a bed, TV, and wheelchair. But I had a walker and was getting better at walking. No doctor came to see me but I was assumed to have a heart condition and so I was put on a 'cardiac diet'. I tried in vain to change my diet and get some decent furniture. No luck. I demanded to be released. No luck. I wasn't even allowed to see my wife. (and I never heard from any one of the Tuesday artists) I never saw the invisible doctor that was ruining my life. His office was in Wheatland, an hour away. The hospital lost a lot of my clothes and ruined most of them by putting a bold laundry tag on them and it doesn't come off. Finally, tIred of me, they kicked me out after 11 days of this nonsense. This was supposed to be the best convalescent hospital in the area. Run if you ever hear 'convalescent hospital'


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