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What is up these days? Pretty much nothing. We are in the tail end of the pandemic. Well, we were supposed to be and along comes Omicron, another variant for us to worry about. I've been locked in for who knows how long because of the fear of Covid & it's many variants. When you have COPD and you are 81 years old, you do become cautious. I know that's what I do. I have been doing things despite the pandemic and those things are mostly 'art'. I used to do it with a group, but they disappeared without giving me notice. Was it something I said? Oh well, onward and upward. Since I last posted on this blog, I have been as busy as my chronic depression allows. Some of the art I have produced has been immensely satisfying to me and I consider it some of my best. The family doesn't seem to notice what I'm doing so I have to be my own critic and cheering section. I have photos of them and I will post them here at various times. I better start now because i